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Hi All!:)

We are fully booked for Sep 2023!

Slots for Oct are now open!!

We will try our best to fulfill your requests. Please do allow 1-3 days for us to get back to you as I’m a one-man team 🙏🏻
*most replies will be made in the evening
Slots will be reserved for 72 hours after submission. It will only be secured after payment has been received within the stated time given.
*Submit order form-> discussion (via IG) -> payment made withing the stated time given!
If you have submitted the form, do take this time to decide on the design that you would like for your special occasion! 
*cakes can last up to 3 days upon collection
Simplybakez 💕

2023 collection timing.jpg


All our designs are specially freehand drawn. 
We are not able to replicate a design with 100% resemblance.

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