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Terms and Conditions


Our Guarantee

Simplybakez will provide a professionally decorated dessert in a timely manner as specified in the order form.  We appreciate your business and we are honored that you have chosen us for your special celebration. We guarantee that the flavors, size, and general design elements will be met as outlined. If you are not satisfied with our product(s) please let us know at the time you receive your order. Once your order is accepted, refunds will not be considered. 

Allergy Disclaimer

Please be aware that we are a small-scale home-based business. Ingredients are processed on the same equipment (eggs, nuts, soy, wheat, milk).  Although we have strict processes in place to prevent cross-contact there is still a slight risk of the presence of any allergen.


Although we make every attempt to provide a similar design and to match colors, custom cakes are a work of art and are fully 100% hand-drawn. It may not be possible to match the exact shade of a color.

Any changes requested after confirmation cannot be guaranteed and will be subjected to additional charges. 

The final product may be subject to slight variations due to multiple factors.  Exposure to light/ temperature may cause colors to change. We do not offer a discount nor refund if a similar shade of a color is not achieved.

Creations produced belong to SIMPLYBAKEZ and we own every right for any recreation in the future.

Care and Handling

We are not responsible for any damage to the cake after the collection is complete. Cakes are best to be consumed on the day of collection. The cakes must be stored in the refrigerator and up to 3 days covered in an airtight box. Cakes can last up to 1.5hours at room temperature <26°                 

Simplybakez is not responsible for any damage to the cake caused by the placement of items by another party.

Delivery Terms

Delivery timing will have to be confirmed 1 week prior to the delivery date. Any changes made will be subjected to availability. 

Please allow a 1 hour buffer time in case of bad weather/ traffic conditions. Please provide an accurate address.

Simplybakez is not responsible for any damage to the cake caused by the placement of items by another party.

Deposits, Payments, Cancellations

A deposit of 50% and an order form is required to consider this order is confirmed.  The remaining balance is due 1 business day prior to the delivery/collection date. No changes can be made after confirmation.

All deposits are non-refundable.  There will be no refund for orders canceled 5 days prior to the delivery/collection date. For cancellations with more than 5 business days, 50% of the full amount will be given back. 

If full payment is not received by the due date, the order may be canceled.

Refund Policy

Simplybakez will not offer any refund or exchange for custom products that meet our standards once the cake has been checked and collected/ delivered to you. Please note that we will not be responsible for any damages to the cake caused by the courier arranged on your end. 

Cake flavour and texture are subjective and please note that we do taste our cakes daily to ensure the highest quality. Our cakes are baked from scratch. Keep in mind, variety in temperature and humidity may impact the flavor, overall design, or texture of the cake to some degree. Please understand we cannot control changes in texture or changes in color or shape due to weather conditions.

Photographs and Marketing

We respect the privacy of all our clients. We will not disclose the identity of clients (photographs of people, names, or contact details) without any given permission. 

All contents owned by or given to SIMPLYBAKEZ are copyrighted and solely belong to the rightful owner. Please seek permission to use any of our contents for any purposes e.g. marketing 

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